Wiegand spring weir

Raised water level, sustainably and low-maintenance

The robust Wiegand spring weir is a dam for increasing the water level. It is possible to raise water levels from 0.3 to 0.9 metres using the spring weir.
Because of the increased fall height of the water, small and medium-sized hydroelectric power plant operators can improve the efficiency of their plant and increase the amount of electricity generated in an environmentally friendly way.
Using the system rigidity, the spring weir passively adjusts the water le-

vel depending on the fed water volume.
If both forces are in equilibrium, the spring weir remains in its current state. If the water pressure exceeds the system rigidity, the sprung weir lowers until it achieves the next equilibrium state. If the water pressure is less than the system rigidity, the weir rises again accordingly. As a result of this movement, the spring weir keeps the water level at the overflow edge almost the same, reducing the water level increase in the head water that is expected with a stationary dam.


  • modular design (3 m elements)
  • energy-less water level maintenance
  • easy removal of flotsam
  • low-maintenance, robust, cost-effective

Environmentally friendly electricity generation

Because of the comparatively simple but modern design and operation of the spring weir, it is possible for the power plant operator to generate electrical energy cost-effectively and sustainably without massively disrupting nature. The spring weir adjusts passively and does not have to be actively controlled by the operator. At hydroelectric power plants it ensures energy-less water level maintenance and removes debris and flotsam without problems. In combination with fish passes such as fish ladders, the navigability of the stretch of water is retained and it is possible for fish to continue their migration in rivers.

The spring weir comprises a robust dam and a precision sprung sheet bundle made from special spring steel. The dam is also protected from debris with rubber matting. Two systems are available with different function principles. The first uses compensator to create the water level, the second generates the preload using a specially created spring assembly. By using a chain, the spring weir can be set to the desired water level, which guarantees, for example, that the weir crest is wet. By setting the water level with a chain, the movement behaviour changes rather than the specified water level of the spring weir.

Set up

  • simple design
  • possible installation on or behind the existing weir crest
  • easy assembly
  • simple function principle


Up to 90 cm

water level

365 days

Ready for operation
all year round


cost-effective & low


high-quality stainless steel


good flood behaviour


  • as a transverse structure or lateral discharge gate
  • as short or long variant, adjustable to your situation
  • in combination with straight or curved weirs
  • compatible with existing weir pillars

The spring weir can be installed both on an existing (repaired) and on the dam body/back of the weir behind the weir crest in order to ensure that the backwater does not exceed the existing height of the weir crest as a result of the moved weir posts.
The spring weir can be installed either alone, in combination with a

transverse structure or as a lateral discharge or release cap.
In most cases, the weir pillars are installed in combination with other hydraulic structures.
Thanks to the modular design, any width of weir can be realised.


All information at a glance

Height 30 - 90 cm
Width 3 m segments (adjustable)
Flow rate per l/m*sec unlimited
Weir crest straight/curved
Weir pillar optional
Installation position transverse structure/lateral discharge


Possible combinations can include:

  • hydroelectric power plant
  • fish ladder
  • retention basin
  • small-scale hydropower (mill races)

References from across Europe

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Scientific studies

  • flow behaviour tested
  • calculation of the overflow coefficient
  • support from the LOEWE Hessen funding programme
  • scientific publications

Own production in Germany

Our products are manufactured exclusively at our headquarters in Rasdorf, Germany. Through our many years’ experience, our modern machine park and the use of high-quality materials, we guarantee the highest quality – Made in Germany – as well as prompt implementation of your project by our qualified specialists.


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